Important History MCQ for Competitive Exams

Important History MCQ for Competitive Exams

* 1 Which of the following describes the characteristics of people of the Indus Valley Civilization? *
 A. they had grand palaces and temples
 B. he used to worship both male and female deities ✔
 C. he used horse-driven chariot for battle
 D. None of these

* 2 Which of the following animals was not pictured in the Harappan carpet statue art seals and terracotta art? *
A. cow ✔
B. elephants
C. rhinoceros
D. lions

* 3 was the geographical area of Vedic Aryans? *
A. Iran
B. Afghanistan
C. Doaba region
D. 4th Sandhawk

* 4 Which of the following is not Vedanga? *
A. education
B. grammar
C. astrology
D. thread

* 5. Yudhshashdas got the name from the Harappan site
A. Mohan zodaro
B. Harappa
C. washout
D. lothal ✔

* 6. Where is the crown of silver *
A. Kunal ✔
B. Seaswal
C. Mitathal
D. everyday

* 7 pre-hysterica writers *
A. pigot ✔
B. su baarav
C. Wheeler
D.. Sankalia

* 8. Which Harappan site was divided into three parts *
A. Dholavira ✔
B. Calibuga
C. lothal
D. Harappa

* 9 staircases found in Harappa passport *
A. south - north direction ✔
B. east west
C. north east
D. South Hept

* 10 In which period did salt not be used *
A. Harappan period
B. Vedic ✔
C. altitude
D. Mahajanapad Yesterday

* 11 What was not in the Rig Veda period *
A. polygamy
B. auto
C. remarriage
D. Sati Pratha

* 12 is the oldest in all the divisions of Rig Veda *
A. 2 ✔
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

* 14 is the author of Vedic Harappan *
A. god sai ✔
B. David Fraley
C. Dayaram Sahni
D. H. D. Sankalia

* 15. Who wrote the Sindhu script *
A. Mother Mahadevan √
B. John Marshall
C. Romilla Thapar
D. Dayaram Sahni

* 16. Which was the third capital of the Indus Valley Civilization *
A. Kalibangaa
B. Rohtak
C. Dholavira
D. Mohan Josodaro

* 17. Which is the absence of the drainage system which is available on the Indus Venom *
A. Constructed √
B. Malvan
C. Kalibanga
D. Balacot

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